Wednesday, June 19, 2013

IT'S A .............

Well, It's a BOY !!!!

Chad, Allie Hunter and I are so estatic. I believe Chad and I were more shocked that it was actually a boy. We can't wait to meet ROBERT FORD HOGGLE and Allie Hunter can't wait to meet her "bruder". She's going to be a wonderful big sister.

We are all so thrilled. So thankful God has blessed us with another baby.

This is my favorite. She's so excited.

:) LOVE !! She melts my heart.

Orange Beach 2013

May 30-June 2

A few weeks ago we had decided last minute to go to the beach for the weekend. Love trips like this. My sister Jennifer and JD also joined us. Allie Hunter was so excited to be going to the beach all she kept talking about was the "she shells". We decided to leave late Thursday afternoon after we all got off work and it worked out perfect. By the time we arrived and hit up Walmart it was around 1:00 am before we went to sleep. And AH pitched a fit to sleep with her Aunt Jen Jen and Jd. Needless to say we all slept in till around 9 even AH. (that is considered sleeping in when you have kids)
Allie Hunter ready to go. Already in her pajamas.

Friday morning we spent majority of the morning and day at the beach and that afternoon we went to the pool at the condo. We had all packed lunches, snacks and plenty of drinks. It was so overcast and the wind was pretty bad but we still had a great time. AH loved swimming in the pool since we didn't get into the ocean cause it was so cold and so much seaweed. That evening we all ate dinner at Cobalt. Then we headed to the Wharf to do some window shopping. AH got a glitter tattoo that she was so proud of, it was a unicorn but she kept calling it a horse. She also got to ride 2 rides at the little carnival before the generator went out. Thank goodness we got a refund on our tickets we didn't use. We had dippin dots and got to also watch the Laser Light show-which was really cool. We were all so exhausted/burnt (well Chad was the only one burnt) that we just headed back to the condo and went to sleep.
Saturday morning, being JD's best freind already.

Daddy and his baby girl

Aunt Jen Jen and JD

Being a Mommie's girl

juice break

Aunt Jen Jen and AH finding "she shells"

The next few "bird" pictures are because someone (daddy) taught AH how to feed the birds. Needless to say we were getting attacked

Feeding the birds Goldfish

"here birdie, I got some food"

This bird about attacked Aunt Jen Jen trying to get the goldfish

Afternoon pool time

Dinner Dates

Her "horse" glitter tattoo

These were the only 2 rides she got to ride before the generator went out. Don't worry dippin dots fixed it.

Watching the Laser Light Show

Saturday morning we headed back down to the beach. The sun was out and the wind wasn't as bad as day before. We literally spend entire day at beach. Aunt Ashley even joined us for a little bit after lunch.

Allie Hunter loved flying the kite with Daddy and JD

This picture is worth a thousand words.

That evening AH took a late nap and we had a wonderful dinner at The Original Oyster House. While waiting on our table we walked down the street so AH could get a hair wrap. She was soooo excited.

Showing off her hair wrap to everybody

Now showing off her alligator she got in her kids meal

My baby and I

After dinner we decided to take AH to play putt putt golf at the Zooland for kids golf. She had a blast and thought she was a pro at golfing.

She cracked me up she would lay her golf ball down right by the hole and hit it in and say "look, I did it, I'm winning"

Time for a break, waiting on her sweet turn.

So excited cause "SHE WON" !!!

Sunday morning we got to meet my cousin Ashley and her husband J for breakfast at Duck's Diner. Always a must and a very delicious place.
After we got call packed up we made a fast stop at the outlets for a little shopping then headed on back to T-Town. It was a short but fun weekend !!